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Memories of James Sonier

From: Kimberley Almeida
Over the course of my life I leaned on Uncle Jim many times. I would not be where I am today without his aid and guidance. I feel like a great support that I knew was always there in the back of my mind has been removed. I will miss that and my heart is breaking for my Aunt. Rest in Peace dad. I love you.

From: Margaret Weikmann
Dearest Jim You were a friend that I held dear to my heart. When I first met Jim at the Post Office I didn't know what quite to think of him! He was as spunky as they come and I thought either I am going to love or hate him. Well after many cups of coffee and slices of pie at the Williamsford Pie Company with Jim, I truly saw the honest side of him and learned quickly to appreciate his honesty. He was a say it as it is type of person and never went behind your back to say it. We quickly became friends and before I knew it he was popping in at the house for coffee. My kids really took a liking to Jim and his personality. They would run to the door when he came. Jim would meet them at the door saying, "what you doing you little buggers." They would sit around the table just to listen to him and we would all have a laugh together. Jim was a very talented painter when it came to homes. I had Jim in to do work at my place and he was very professional and did it all without tape< steady as a hand comes I tell ya! Jim adored his wife Carole and spoke about her all the time, a very loyal husband he was. His eyes always lit up when he spoke of her. Soon I was friends with his wife as well. I will miss you Jim and it has been a pleasure and a honor being your friend. Rest in peace.

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