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Frequently Asked Questions


To see how simple it is to transfer a pre-arranged funeral contract to Garafraxa Hill Funeral Home, please scroll below to Question 8. Thank you! 
Our staff would be pleased to assist you with any questions you have.
Our doors are always open – we encourage your visit, where our helpful professionals would be pleased to show you our warm and caring facility, and answer your questions in person. 

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Below are a few of common questions with respective answers.


What do I do if a death occurs?


Who to call first?

          -An expected death: call the doctor who was caring for the deceased person.

          -An unexpected death: call emergency services first.   911

          -No available doctor/emergency services in the area: contact the local coroner’s office.

          -Unsure about the circumstances: contact the local coroner’s office or the Chief Coroner of Ontario

Bring the following information to complete the Provincial vital statistic requirements:
Birth Date
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Social Insurance Number
Veteran's Discharge or Claim Number
Marital Status
Contact your clergy. Decide on time and place of funeral or memorial service. This can be done at the funeral home.
The funeral home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificates you will be needing and can order them for you.
Make a list of immediate family, close friends and employer or business colleagues. Notify each by phone.
Decide on appropriate memorial to which gifts may be made (church, hospice, library, charity or school).
Gather obituary information you want to include such as age, place of birth, cause of death, occupation, college degrees, memberships held, military service , outstanding work, list of survivors in immediate family. Include time and place of services. The funeral home will normally write article and submit to newspapers (newspaper will accept picture and they will be returned intact).
Arrange for members of family or close friends to take turns answering door or phone, keeping careful record of calls. If Social Insurance checks are automatic deposit, notify the bank of the death.



What does a funeral director do?

-Transfer the deceased and transport the body to the funeral home (anytime day or night)
-Notify proper authorities, family and/or relatives
-Arrange and prepare death certificates
-Provide certified copies of death certificates for insurance and benefit processing
-Work with the insurance agent, Social Security or Veterans Administration to ensure that necessary paperwork is filed for receipt of benefits
-Prepare and submit obituary to the radio and/or newspapers of your choice
-Bathe and embalm the deceased body, if necessary
-Prepare the body for viewing including dressing and cosmetizing
-Assist the family with funeral arrangements and purchase of casket, urn, burial vault and cemetery plot
-Schedule the opening and closing of the grave with cemetery personnel, if a burial is to be performed
-Coordinate with clergy if a funeral or memorial service is to be held
-Arrange a police escort and transportation to the funeral and/or cemetery for the family
-Order funeral sprays and other flower arrangements as the family wishes
-Provide aftercare, or grief assistance, to the bereaved.


Why have a funeral? 

Funerals fill an important role for those mourning the loss of a loved one. By providing surviving family and friends with an atmosphere of care and support in which to share thoughts and feelings about death, funerals are the first step in the healing process. It is the traditional way to recognize the finality of death. Funerals are recognized rituals for the living to show their respect for the dead and to help survivors begin the grieving process. You can have a full funeral service even for those choosing cremation. Planning a personalized ceremony or service will help begin the healing process. Overcoming the pain is never easy, but a meaningful funeral or tribute will help.

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral costs vary greatly depending on the service and specific items chosen. There are many options available today to create a fitting ceremony tailored to suit any budget. Detailed prices and options are available at Garafraxa Hill Funeral home.



What is Direct Cremation?

A direct or basic cremation refers to immediate cremation without any visitation, funeral, celebration or other type of memorial.  In the instance of a direct cremation, the deceased is transferred from the place of death to the funeral establishment to be placed into a cremation casket and is transported to the crematorium.  Prior to cremation taking place, information must be provided in order to fulfill requirements from the government and coroner.  A funeral director will ensure that all of these forms are filled out correctly, and will obtain approval from all authorities on behalf of the family.
Direct Cremation is available from Garafraxa Hill.
Many people mistakenly believe that funeral homes do not offer direct or basic cremation. In fact, a funeral home is licensed to provide ALL services, from a direct cremation (what a basic transfer service provides) to celebrations of life, gatherings, receptions, funerals or any other type of commemorative event you can imagine.  Many people also think that funeral homes are all more costly than other cremation providers, and this simply isn’t the case.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your wishes and find out about all the options available; then you can then make an informed decision about what type of arrangement best suits your needs.

Why should I pre-plan my final arrangements?

Arranging in advance saves money and stress for your loved ones, guarantees your wishes will be carried out exactly as you’ve prescribed and provides you peace of mind, knowing it’s all been taken care of.

When I provide money for a pre-arrangement, what guarantee do I have that my money is safe and will be available to pay for the service when it is actually required?

Legislation requires funeral and cemetery companies to put monies received on account of a pre-arrangement, into a trust account. These trust monies can only be taken out of trust to pay for the delivery of the pre-arranged product or service. Trust monies we receive are held by financial institutions that have Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation depositors insurance.


Can I transfer a pre-arranged funeral to your funeral home?

Yes, this is a simple and straightforward procedure and will not cost you or your estate anything. Again, because all funds are held in trust for you, all funds are fully transferable. All that is required is your signature on a transfer of benefits form and a copy of your existing contract. We take care of the's really that simple. The same is of course true in reverse should you move away, for example, and wish to have your arrangements reassigned elsewhere.

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