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Garafraxa Hill Funeral Home

About US

Garafraxa Hill Funeral Home is located in the village of Chatsworth, in Grey County, where Highway 6 and 10 meet. The Municipality of Chatsworth has approximately seven thousand residents in a beautiful, rural setting.


The OWNER/FUNERAL DIRECTOR, Anne Garrett-Ward, is no stranger to Chatsworth, since many happy summers were spent vacationing with a great-aunt and uncle, Margaret and George Garrett, who lived on Highway 10, next to the honey house.


There are two co-founders: Tom Juffs raised in Flesherton and Georgina Hill, mother of Anne, who was raised on a farm west of Markdale.

On August 30, 2013, we completed the purchase of an old building located in the Village of Chatsworth, Ontario, with the intent to transform what had been an old hotel tavern into a funeral home. We believe you will find this a modern, comfortable space,and is fully wheelchair accessible.

The building which was built around the 1870's has a long and unique history. It was originally constructed as a two-story hotel/bar known as the Campbell House and later the Chatsworth Hotel and Cheers. Since it was the only "wet" establishment for miles, it has a deep connection to the community. Despite the daunting task, the decision was made to preserve the building with its long history and unique charm.

After the purchase, it was stripped down to the bare bones with only the double-brick structure remaining. Demolition included cleaning out forty tons of debris. It has been a rework of the entire infrastructure into what is now a fully modern facility with a comfortable air conditioned chapel.

We were blessed to have had hard working and knowledgeable contractors.
They worked under difficult circumstances due to the long, bitter cold winter. The end result is a culmination of a great team effort.




Our mission, as a family owned firm, is to offer care and compassion to each family who is placing their trust in us. For every life honoured, we will provide a personalized and dignified service that honours the life of the loved ones.



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Memorial Quotes

Why do we love quotes?

  • They are thought- provoking.

  • They are delightful.

  • They make you cry.

  • They help you heal.

  • They are worth your time.


Here is a link to a collection of quotes related to death, grief and bereavement:


"Grief shared is grief diminshed" -Rabbi Grollman


"Grief is the price we pay for love." -Queen Elizabeth II




  • Member of the Ontario Funeral Service Association

  • Member of the Grey Bruce Funeral Service Association

  • Licensed by the Board of Funeral Services




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