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Celebrations of Life


Sometimes called a living funeral, a Celebration of Life is a loving way to ensure the ones who are left behind are not left in a position of isolation, as often happens, and friends can make sure that support is going to remain.


Living funerals or end of life celebrations are gathering in popularity, allowing family and friends to celebrate how a much loved person has impacted their life.


A living funeral is given for a person while they are still alive. This kind of "celebration of life"  can be advantageous, especially when it's known the honouree may soon depart as a result of a terminal illness.


Living Funerals are arranged to fit the time or needs of the family members and friends, but most importantly the time of the honouree; for example, their family and friends will be able to attend this pre-arranged event, thus no one will be caught unprepared. While the actual funeral is a respectful and somber process, the Living funeral is an opportunity to celebrate with love.


It gives everyone a chance to say their goodbyes. It can be a social event and a happy time where the honouree can acknowledge and thank family, special friends and associates. Regrets at not having said what was important are all too common; the "Celebration of Life" ensures there are no embarrassing silent voids that lasts for weeks or months after a funeral where everyone feels uncomfortable and often neglects to call on the remaining spouse and cannot face the children thereby compounding the grief and loss.


We can create an atmosphere that allows quality time together ...nothing else is important.


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