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Remembering Peter Clayton

From: Lys Cambridge Laurence

I am so sorry to have missed the funeral. As far as I know, Peter was the last of his generation in the Knight family. I have information back to his great-grandparents Thomas Knight and Mary Ann Green who came from England in the 1830s as well as about his Knight grandparents and aunts and uncles. I also have photos. My father grew up mostly in Toronto, so often was with his first cousins Peter and his brother at Booie and Gamps' home on Dowling Ave or the summer home on Ward's Island. I was surprised to read of Peter's attachment to 1st Locating Regiment, where my father continued in the militia after WW2. They must have connected there. My father attended weekly through the 50s and also went to summer training camp. Our family did not connect with Peter's often, but it was always special to have Peter and lovely Nancy visit, and the young Jeff and Bruce - we had few relatives in Toronto. I have a very fond memory of a get-together some 15 or 20 years ago with Peter and cousin Peg Forbes (Peter's second cousin, my second, once removed - I think!) It was a privilege to read the obituary and hear about the love surrounding cousin Peter. It was wonderful you were all able to be there. My sympathy to you all. I will let my sisters know.

From: Love Lea Nagelberg and the late Stephen Kamin
To Annabelle and the Family I express my deepest sympathy to all of u especially to Annabelle i know what you're going through Steve says from beyond the clouds up there he's very sorry for your loss too he always said when he was alive steve said what a wonderful lady you are Annabelle! You are we all love u big hugs to u i sent u flowers in the mail one from me and one from steve in heaven to let u know i'm thinking of you all and so is Steve he sends his condolences!! Love and hugs to Annabelle and to the family XOXO Lea toronto


From: Lynne Valencic

Jeff, I'm so sorry to hear this! My deepest sympathy for your loss.

From: Suzanne Crawford

Dear Annabelle, Jeff, Bruce and family, I was so fortunate to have grown up knowing Mr. Clayton in my formative years. Mr. Clayton was to a large extent what made growing up on Ansley so magical. Kate Brook commented that he was the coolest guy! I truly agree. His curious and creative mind, generous spirit and adventurous nature set an example to me how to live life to the fullest and to appreciate the wonders of our universe. He clearly carried that through to his last days, enriching the lives of so many who loved him. I even got to read his Nantucket book at some point as my Mom had a copy. I loved the magic and mystery of it! My thoughts are with you and your family as you say goodbye and send Mr. Clayton off to his next adventure. My sincere condolences, Suzanne Crawford

From: Bill Wilkins

My deepest condolences to Annabelle, Jeff, Bruce and other family and friends. I so enjoyed spending Mardi Gras a few times with Peter and watching him stand back and take in the parades with a smile on his face. Grateful I could see him in the spring as a final meeting with a remarkable man, after knowing him for about fifty years. Enjoy your memories, even of the dreaded Ice Steps.

From: Cate Foster

Annabelle, I am so sorry for your loss. Thinking about you. Biggest, longest hugs Cate Foster

From: Karen and Rick Pettit

Dear Annabelle, Rick and I are sending our sending our sympathy to you and your family. Although we never met Peter, by photos you have shared, he was a gentle man. His obituary reads that he had a very interesting life. A life well lived.


From: Robin and Les

Our deepest sympathies for this sad event. Peter was an amazing, inspiring person. Your close relationship with him will make the loss all the harder. We are grateful to have known him.


From: Martha Copeman

Geoff and Bruce, My sincerest condolences for your loss. Your Dad was wonderful!!


From: Dee Ito Arisman

Dear Annabelle, Jeff and Bruce, I am so sorry for your loss. Peter and I were colleagues and friends during those McCann years and for many years after. Peter spoke often of all of you and my husband Marshall and I have met Jeff and follow his comings and goings on Facebook. Marshall died 6 months ago of a stroke but he so enjoyed doing the cover illustration for Peter’s book. He was a lovely, gifted person and his friendship was important to me. We worked together in New York and Peter traveled with us on most of our International shoots. Clearly he enjoyed a long and productive life and I know how much you will miss him. I will think of you tomorrow as you say goodbye. I like to think he and Marshall will meet again and talk about how happy they are to be out of their bodies and can speak soul to soul. With much affection, Dee


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