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Memories of Astrid Weyman


Date: August 17, 2016


From: Carolyn Raymond Brown
I was saddened to read of Trudy's death, though I have not seen her since university days. My long ago, but vivid, memory of Trudy was as a fellow student in Art and Archaeology, U of T, (class of '59). One afternoon, we were being lectured on the depredations to the Parthenon, perpetrated by the Turkish troops on September 26, 1687. The class was stunned into silence by the horror of this destruction. Trudy, in an indignant and clarion voice, cried out: "Oh, those Turks!" As history unfolds with ever more disasters in that part of the world, I often remember Trudy's exclamation - funny at the time, but alas, still apt. My sympathies on the loss of this wonderful woman. How rich was her life! Carolyn Raymond Brown

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