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Remembering Jesse Jackson

From: Leah Akiwenzie

Hi Jackson Family, I know it's been awhile since we last spoke however that does not change the fact of the generosity and kindness your family has shown me over the years in Owen Sound. I will never forget nor forget Jesse's kind nature and adventurous spirit. He always encouraged youth to listen to other music and do other things outside of Owen Sound and was a great support. Talk to you soon, Leah

From: James Easton
Jesse, you were a great friend. So many people knew you as a friend. Someone helpful, friendly, hilarious and fun to spend time with. I thought of you as an older braver stronger brother, but you were 7 years my junior. You were very wise. You had a great attitude when those sweaters you gave me got stolen out of the laundry. You just saw things differently than me, and I had a lot to learn from your way of thinking.  Me and my cat will miss your visits. I have nothing but good memories of you. May you rest in peace brother. Sincerely, James

From: Kevin and Kathy Quinn

We are saddened to hear of Jesse's passing. We remember him as a sunny little boy who lived next door, a really nice kid to teach and a young man who was always good natured and kind. Gwen, Jerry and their families have our deepest condolences on your loss. It is consoling that Jesse left many good memories behind him May he rest in peace.


From: Amy

We haven't known each other very long at all, and I really thought we where gonna be friends for a long time ... you where genuine and there's not a lot of those people in this town. At least I got to know you for at least a short while beats not knowing you at all See u again one day buddy


From: Nicholas Gerald Jansen

You will always be remembered; never forgotten. A true Friend and Brother, always there in good and bad. May you rest in peace. My most sincere condolences to everyone who lost this good man. He will have a special place in all our hearts - forever. May God comfort and guide, all of us, during these troubled times.


From: Mary-- Lee Rusk

Although I never met Jesse, I heard many wonderful stories of his courage, perseverance, sense of humour, intelligence and especially, his great love and loyalty to friends and family and anyone needing his support. Shocked and saddened to hear of Jesse's passing. Prayers for the comfort and support of his family and friends, with love from the Rusk family.


From: Rebecca Russell

Jesse, I'm grateful our paths crossed and we were able to know each one another. Thank you for sharing yourself with me and always accepting me as I am, without hesitation. My deepest condolences to your Family, and the great many friends who are missing you so dearly.


From: Jessica Scott

Going to miss you so much big guy. Sending my thoughts and prayers to the family. Jesse was a remarkable guy. No matter what he had going on he would always be there for anyone who needed it. Rest peacefully Jesse

From: Helen Ralphs

I’m so sorry to hear of Jesse’s recent death, Gwen. Deep condolences to the entire family.


From: Corry Lapointe

Gwen and Family, I am so saddened for you to have to bear such a loss...a child, a sibling, an uncle. As I remember Jesse, just a boy then, he was full of life, fun, and kindness and some delightful boy 'rascaling'. I do hope and pray that you will feel the balm of God's love while you mourn and miss Jesse throughout the days and years ahead. Corry

From: Leslie
I had the pleasure of hanging out with Jesse in highschool St Mary’s . We had a fun little group Jesse, me, Jenn , Dave & Chris . Lots of fun around Harrison park and tons of memories of running a muck and being kids . I’m pretty sure it was Jess that bandaged me up after a spill off of an oversized bike tumble driving up Harrison park road . He made me laugh and had a great smile . So smart and lovely to chat with ❤️ you’ll be missed Jesse . Rest In peace


From: Sean Meyer
Was crushed to hear this sad news. I hope Jesse is now at peace and I want to send my thoughts and hopes to the entire family who are now coping with such a tragic loss.


From: Joel White
Jesse my brother. Let me start off by saying I love you. I was blessed to call you my friend. We all had struggles and maybe that is what brought all of us together in those early years we spent at raves on the weekends and why we spent so much time talking absolutely trash on during the week. Those struggles hit some of us harder than others and we lost so many. Nat, Yoguyseen, Caesar, Soulkrusha, D-syfa and many more were part of your life too. You helped me through some of those losses as well. Some people don't understand why you couldn't change or what your deal was, but we shared the struggles and I'm not mad, disappointed or anything like that. You were trying. That is not what will define you or my memories of you. 
You were so kind and such a big personality. Everyone loved you. I'm happy that I got to spend time with you at your new apartment before you went back to the hospital and I thank god I finally answered one of your calls on Tuesday before you passed. I enjoyed our conversation and it seemed you were going the right direction. I'm still destroyed that we won't get to hang out in a couple weeks as planned but I try to find solace knowing that god needed you for something much bigger...or at least that is what I make up in my head.
I made a custom overlay with your face photoshopped on a NYC corrections officer for my show this week which I dedicated to you. I think you would have loved it and thought it was a riot. After the show I was thinking about your alias...Rude 1 and how stupid it were never were a great friend and I will miss you my g. 
My condolences to your family and friends. I'm heartbroken for them because I know how awful I feel cause you are gone. Till we meet again my brother. I love you big bro! Rest easy.


From: Tina Watton

I love you Jesse, you quickly were becoming one of my closest friends. I knew I could always count on you. I came to count on your advice. When I was feeling shitty, Jesse just knew how to brighten my mood. He was always willing to do that for me. Truly one of a kind man, I met in elementary school as my brother's friend. Took until recent years for us to meet again and become great friends. I will miss your sarcasm and trolling, oh and your calling me out on my b.s. I'm just going to miss everything about you bud! Loved and forever missed

From: Dylan Rakowsky

To Jesse's Family, Jesse was a really wonderful friend to me and offered support and encouragement when others wouldn't to the same in our music community. We had some really fun, adventures together and he was always gave me bone crushing hug when he saw me. I"m so sorry for your loss. My heartfelt condolences. Dylan


From: Carolyn and Brian Davis

All our Condolences Gwen . We are thinking of you and all our prayers are for you and your family . So sorry for your loss

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