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Remembering Melanie Grein

From: The Schiavello Family
We are so sorry to hear of Melanie's passing, our condolences to your family. She always showed such caring towards our pets and I always enjoyed the friendly little chatter we shared when visiting the clinic. She will be greatly missed. 
The Schiavello Family

From: Dora VanDerEyken
So sorry for your loss

From: Tabitha & Darryl Moore
Our  heart felt sympathy to you all. Melanie and the clinic will be greatly missed!!


From: Lynn Hiltz
Dear Keith and family, please accept my condolences in losing such a beautiful, caring, amazing person as Melanie was. May the Lord give you all comfort during this devastating time in your lives. She will be forever in our hearts. God Bless.

From: Andy & Yvonne Magwood
We are so sorry for your loss.  Wish we could be there in person to extend our sympathy, but you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

From: Lorne and Debby Fry
Please accept our deepest sympathies during this most difficult time.

From: Jean-Paul and Vicki Laplante
We are very sad to hear of the passing of Melanie. Our warm and heart-felt condolences go out to Melanie’s family. She was a kind and gentle woman; who left a lasting mark on anyone she was associated with. She was an excellent veterinarian who always was kind and gentle to our little kitty “Chloe”. We will never forget the wonderful care she gave Chloe because; Melanie, actually saved Chloe’s life. Melanie will be greatly missed by all; however, there is now another angel above looking over us all.

From: Rosie Smith
My  condolences  to all of  Melanie's family and Eileen . HUGS 
She was the best ever Vet and pet family friend , I am truly sorry for her passing.  I know she will be surround by all her furry friends 
In the gardens. 
Hugs to all .

From: Clayton and Ki.
Clayton and I would like to send our deepest sympathies. Melanie was a truly kind light in this world. She touched many people, and will always be remembered warmly. So sorry for your loss.

From: Yolanda Yott and Francesca van Keeken
Our deepest sympathy for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with Keith, Julia, Paul and Eileen at this difficult time.  So, sorry. Our hearts ache.  Such a fantastic woman!


From: Susan Harder
My deepest condolences to Keith, Julia, and Paul.  I had the good fortune to have Melanie as my roommate in Maids Hall during my first year at the University of Guelph.  She became a role model (and a bit like an older sister) for me.  She taught me, by her example, how to succeed at university through hard work, focus, and self-discipline.  At the same time, she kept her relationships with family and friends as a high priority.  Seeing what she was able to accomplish made me believe I could succeed as well.  Although many miles have separated us for nearly the last 30 years, I cherished our continued relationship through letters and emails.    What a treasured gift Melanie's life has been to so many of us!


From: Becky, George, Maddi and Reid Caswell
Paul and family, so sorry for your loss. Melanie was a wonderful person who cared so much for animals. You are in our thoughts❤️


From: Jim and Susan Lumby
Dear Keith, Julie, Paul, & the Grein family. We are so sad for your enormous loss of dear Melanie. All of our canines were treated the last 20 years by her. Melanie's caring,  kindness & sense of humor always put them at ease. (along with Eileen) I will never forget her compassion  for our 6 yr old Cav. in June, while she herself was going through such a battle.  Our sincerest condolences.   Jim & Susan Lumby

From: Wes Sparling
I wish to convey my condolences to Keith and all of Melanie's family at this time of her passing. I always enjoyed Melanie's talks at our sheep club's meetings and found them very informative. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. She will be missed!


From: Ernest &Frances Duguay
My sympathy to all the family my thoughts and prayers are with you all .Rest in peace beautiful Angel


From: Michelle Smith & Family
Since Sunday, I have read through the countless messages that we exchanged and somehow it feels like you're still here. I have so many wonderful memories of the friendship we shared, especially since your diagnosis. We had a mutual understanding of each other, which I will always hold dear. There was no need to pretend or put on a brave face with you. You used to tell me that I was a trooper, but you were, too. You fought hard, Melanie and now you can rest. I love you, my friend. My deepest sympathies to you Keith, Julia, and Paul. Your wife and mum was an extraordinary woman. She left a lasting mark on all those that knew her and she will never be forgotten.


From: Bruce and Georgette Smith

Bruce and I have many fond memories of Melanie over the years. Her compassion and humility were what set her apart from the rest. It was evident in the way that she spoke of her family that they were her pride and joy. Our heartfelt condolences to Keith, Julia, and Paul. Melanie, you were one of a kind and will be missed.


From: Mark Becker

Keith & family. Please accept my sincere condolences to you at this very difficult time.


From: Susan Weltz

Melanie was my school friend from Normanby Central and JDSS days, and she was intelligent, kind, caring and funny. We reconnected several years ago to organize a class reunion and I am so grateful we were able to have fun doing that together, and to continue our friendship after that event. Sending my deepest condolences to Keith, Julia and Paul at this most difficult time.


From: Shannon Reid

My deepest sympathies to your family for the loss of a truly remarkable woman. I wish I had the words. While I never met her I know how dearly loved she is by Julia and her family. May she and Jose keep each other company until your family can be reunited.


From: Sally & Lanny Hyett
An Indian legend says: "When a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter into Heaven.  At the head of the bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime.  The animals, based on what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge....and which are turned away".  Melanie, we know you were escorted across the bridge by all the countless animals you have treated and that you are now in Heaven free of pain and suffering. It's been a pleasure knowing you.  Rest in peace dear friend. 
Vichnaya Pamyat! Sally & Lanny


From: Dyan Jones and Randy Martin
We will ever hold Melanie in the highest regard for the fine care she provided our animal family for many many years. She and Eileen were able to support some challenging health concerns for us at the same time contending with the seriousness of Melanie's illness. This will never be lost on us. She nurtured her beautiful family and gardens and community with the same warmth and integrity. A deep life lesson learned and one we can hopefully pay forward.


From: Cindy Krebs
I want to express my deepest sympathy to all of Melanie’s family and friends. She will be Very sadly missed by her classmates from OVC  91.  Melanie’s Passing is  a great  loss to our OVC  family and to our profession


From: Rona Lynn Ferguson
My deepest sympathy Keith, Julia and Paul. Melanie was such a good supporter of St. Peter and Paul’s School, someone to be counted on with sensible ideas and positive contribution to any discussion. May you be comforted with many joyful memories of a wonderful person.


From: Joan and mark Diemert and family
Melanie was the kindest,sweetest friend since we met in kindergarten. She fought a courageous fight with dignity. Melanie will be missed and remembered .our condolences to Keith,Julia and Paul .


From: The Mr.KingPin & The Mr. Zeus & little Xena & rest of us
To Melanie,our hero of 28 yrs,some of us as you know are already up there & more of us will be on the way,you will be comforted & protected to no end,and now our master has a few words to say: The 2 words that most describe Melanie that you will rarely ever encounter in 1 person are Proper & Unphony (declared a word in the KingPin Zeus dictionary),anyone that knew her knows what i mean,i'd like to share a quick story: In or about 1995 after always adopting other peoples dogs for years i went to a dog breeder paid for an unborn pick of litter doberman,(little xena)went to pick her up,took her to meet Melanie,i said isn't she just the best dog you ever seen,she said oh if i looked hard enough i'd find something wrong with her,i took that as good advice & didn't make a doctors appt ever again,anyway,i returned to see Melanie a couple weeks after that to brag some more and show her the recently cropped ears,i said those ears were done by the most famous guy in all of ontario & some say all of canada ,she said oh yeah,who is that ?, i said a guy they call Doc Fisher like an old western movie ,she said no way thats my uncle Lloyd ! and she beamed smiling & i said see,nothing but the best for this dog,i seen him again & always referred to him as uncle Lloyd and asked how he was. To the lovely & kind & caring Eileen ,veterinary Assistant/secretary/ & Godmother to all my dogs past & present,who i've known for 29 yrs,you were both there for me on the 4 or 5  worst days of my life over the years & i'll be there for one of yours.
To Keith,Julia & Paul : It won't be today or tomorrow but one day after the storm is weathered you will look back and smile & think of the good times,i guarantee it. To Anne: thanks for not timing out this screen after 4 1/2 hrs :),a tough screen to be on.


From: Liz and Dave Upham
Sincere condolences to Keith, Julia, Paul, Eileen and other family members. We are heartbroken over the loss of this beautiful, amazing lady and extraordinary veterinarian who we have known for 23+ years.


From: Mervyn and Shirley Kobe
We are saddened to learn of the passing of Melanie, we got to know and appreciate her when she was a vet in Port Elgin, we never drove thru Durham  but what we didn’t think of her, our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

From: Amy Doofenbaker
Dear Keith, Julia, Paul, Eileen, Bonetta and Peppi,
My sympathy to you in your unimaginable loss.  Melanie was an awesome colleague and friend.  I will remember Melanie as a determined, hard working person, who had a passion for veterinary medicine, her gardens and family.  Eileen and Melanie were a dynamic duo - with a unique sense of humour.  Take care of yourselves.  Sending a hug to all.

From: Larry and Cheryl Sutter
Melanie was a special and caring in her work . To the family during this time our prayers are with you for strength .


From: Judy and Marv MacDonald
So sorry for your loss, Keith. Our condolences to you and your family...she will be missed.


From: Eileen Becker and Family
My deepest sympathy goes out to Keith and family for the loving mother that she was.  She will be cherished for many more years.  I will remember her in my prayers.
Eileen Becker and Family


From: Jim and Mary Lou Fairles
Such sad news..our sincerely condolences from our family to yours on Melanie's passing. Lots of memories, riding with us, as a student, helping her in practice, radiographing ostriches......


From: Gay Marshall
I am both honoured and blessed to have known Melanie. Keith, Julia and Paul: Nothing in life is more painful than losing someone we love.
My heart breaks for you. Please remember, if there is ever anything I can do to help you, I am only a phone call away. Sincerely, Gay

From: Lorne & Barbara-Anne Seip
Our deepest sympathies to Keith and family. May your memories comfort you during this difficult time.  Take care.

From: Thom and Linda Armstrong
Our deepest condolences to Eileen and Melanie’s family. We very much appreciated the services that Melanie gave us as our veterinarian for several years. She was a lovely lady and will be missed by so many, like us. Sincerely  Thom and Linda Armstrong

From: Gwen Duncan and Betty Anne Duncan
Dear Keith, Julia, Paul and Eileen:  Melanie has been our trusted veterinarian and dear friend for over 25 years.  When someone cares for your beloved pets from the beginning to the end of their days, it is hard to put into words what that person comes to mean to you.  Throughout those years, we came to know each others' families and shared many happy and sad moments together.  The bond that we developed with Melanie will remain in our hearts forever.  There will never be another like her.  We are so very sorry for your loss.  With heartfelt sympathy, Gwen and Betty Anne


From: Christine Kapteyn
How do you sum up 49 years of friendship? That pretty much says it all. That’s just the way Melanie was. Once you were her friend, you were her friend for life! Just ask her pen pal from Grade 6 or her fellow exchangee from the Grade 9 French trip. I am so honored to count myself as one of so many. We went through a lot together growing up in rural Grey County: ‘commuting’ from Normanby to James A. McGee school for home economics and instrumental music, Ms Taylor’s Grade 9 English class, Mr. Renton’s Math classes. We could be on the phone for hours trying to figure out those math problems, much to the chagrin of the Fisher’s neighbors who were trying to make phone calls on the party line! After we graduated from JDSS, our lives took different paths: she was always the science brain. I settled for Economics and Business. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help each other with our homework anymore! Regardless of where our lives went, though, we were always there, supporting each other: standing up in each other’s weddings, dealing with life’s challenges like aging parents, family, business, work. She’d regale me with stories of clients and their pets: the ones she was able to redeem and sadly, the ones she was not. She’d politely indulge me in the trials and tribulations of the corporate world, ultimately, both of us acknowledging we’d never survive in each other’s world: me, pushing paper and dealing with corporate bureaucracy, and she, a self-made, accomplished veterinarian, adored by so many. 
I will miss those chats and so much more! I am so happy I was able to get in a few more visits in the last five weeks. These cherished memories will help console my broken heart. Now, for the first time in 49 years, I will travel life’s road without the support of my dear, dear friend. Fare thee well, buddy! I miss you already.


From: Jean Pfeffer
My deepest sympathy to Keith and family. Also to the extended Grein family and Fisher family. You are in my prayers.

From: Larry and Wilda Leibold
Our deepest sympathy to you Keith and your family. Such a gracious lady who shared her light with all.. Melanie lived her life to the fullest and deserves the peace she has  earned. May God continue to bless you with your memories of happy times spent together

From: tom,sharon conn gartley
keith,julia,paul and eileen, we are broken hearted to her of melanie's passing, as i am well aware you are too, she was the most fantastic person we knew. we will plant a plant in her honor in my garden.

From: Noah and Sharon Weppler and family
Our deepest sympathy on your loss of Melanie.  Our world has just lost another very special person.  She will be greatly missed at Trinity for her many contributions to our youth programs and our church membership.


From: Garry & Carol Hastie
So sorry for your loss. Melanie will be missed greatly. She was very special person.


From: DJ and Stephanie Humphreys
We are former clients of Melanie’s. At every appointment, she and I (Stephanie) would chat about our kids and families. She was so proud of her children! We offer our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Keith, Julia, Paul, Eileen and the entire family. There aren’t sufficient words to offer at this time for your unimaginable loss. 
DJ and Stephanie Humphreys


From: Marie McKibbin
Please accept my family's sincere condolences on your loss. Melanie  will be missed by so many.


From: Tori Fry
My deepest sympathies to the Grein family. Such a tragic loss of such a wonderful and inspiring woman. She will be missed dearly.


From: Jenny Spurrell
My deepest sympathies. Melanie and I were diagnosed with cancer about the same time. Going through the treatments and surgeries at the same time, I found her to be a source of steady inspiration. I hope she has found peach.


From: Carol A Murawsky
I never had the pleasure to meet Melanie, but through my friend, Barb Evans, I felt that I knew her ever so well and the relationship Barb had with Melanie was very special.   I heard of all the wonderful work she performed and how much she loved animals.  To be a good and knowledgeable vet is a service much appreciated.  My condolences go to her loving husband, Keith, and her children, Julia and Paul.  Your mom was a special lady who will be greatly missed.  Perhaps through your friends and clients, you will hear many wonderful stories of your wife and mother.  Rest In Peace, Melanie


From: Brian and Karen Crabbe
Melanie started her veterinary career with us in Port Elgin and she was an excellent employee, dedicated veterinarian and a lot of fun to be associated with.  Such sad and shocking news to hear of her passing away.  We want to extend, to her family and friends, our sincerest condolences.

From: Minnie Morley
With my deepest sympathy in the loss of such a special, caring lady.

From: Brian and Linda Hastie

Sending our sincere sympathy to you all.

From: Susan and Brent Cavell
Wishing to extend our deepest sympathy to Keith, Julia, Paul , Eileen and family members  - take care and hold tight to those special memories!

From: Doug and Carolyn Leith
Our condolences to the family, Melanie will be missed by so many. God has gained a special angel.


From: Heather & Jasper Hofstetter
A brilliant light, extinguished much too soon
such a joy to have watched you shine
these wings of peace and rest you’ve earned 
yet we remain, to stay your course 
echo your legacy, reflect your light
ever grateful, for all you’ve left behind


From: Sherri Williamson
Sending my sincere condolences to the Grien family. Melanie was the best vet ever! She will be missed by many.


From: Chris and joan fischer
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.


From: Helen Millen
To the family of Melanie.  My heartfelt sympathy to all of you.  I was a client of Melanies for many years when I lived in Durham.  I presently live in Cambridge, Ontario as my husband has died a couple of years ago and we had to move to Cambridge due to Earl's illness. She helped me many times with my animals I had at that time and was the best veterinarian I have had, SERIOUSLY!!!!!! May God Bless you all at this time as you are all in my prayers.  Sorry I could not come to visitation as my driving isn't the best anymore at the age of 83. Again God's Blessings.  Helen Millen. Cambridge, Ontario.

From: Carolyn Crandall
Bless your brave soul!   We will miss you dearly!  To the family and friends ... Hugs!  You are all an inspriation!

From: Debbie Little
So sorry for the loss of your loved one.  I did not know Melanie well but had spoken with her many times years ago when I worked in the industry.  
She was a lovely person and a great veterinarian and will be missed by her clients, her fur clients and her friends and family.


From: Doug and Carolyn Leith

We would like to express out condolences to the family. God has gained a true angel.


From: Sharon McEachnie
My. Sympathy to the family. May God bless.


From: Norm & Janet Freiburger
Our heartfelt sympathy & prayers to Dr. Melanie’s husband Keith & children Julia & Paul during this sad & difficult time. Hugs & love to you all!


From: Marlene Donaldson
My deepest sympathy to Keith and family  my thoughts are with you at this time


From: Sharon & Dennis Pegelo, Cedar & Molson
Keith, Julia, Paul & Eileen. We have been privileged to have known Melanie through her extraordinary care for our pets &livestock. She truly found her passion in life. Her love of family and life in general was apparent in so many ways. I remember the pride in her voice as she relayed tales of Paul as a Page & Julia through high school & university, and Keith was so often mentioned in our chats. 
I can't imagine the holes that she is leaving in your lives, but know that she will be so sorely missed  by so many people and their pets.
Sending love, hugs and prayers to you, as well as giggles as we will all remember the humorous moments. Keep your memories close
Love & hugs, Sharon, Dennis & Cedar

From: Elizabeth Motsch
I extend my most heartfelt sympathy to the Grein family. Have known Melanie for many years and my heart breaks  for her loss. R.I.P. Melanie.


From: LeeAnne and John Bell
We have such wonderful memories of Melanie over the many years she was our Vet. From being pushed around in the Barn by a mean old cow, helping me chase a pony to catch for shots, docking puppy tails and the general care for all our many pets, we always had lots of laughs over the years. We will both miss having Melanie on speed dial for questions and advice. 

Melanie loves telling me about Julia and Paul and their accomplishment’s every time we were together. You both made her so proud. 

What a loss for our Community and your Family. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

From: Laura Fisher
Keith, Julia and Paul, my deepest condolences to you all during this very difficult time.  Melanie and I met back in university and were neighbours for 2 years when we were both living in Maids Hall.  I have fond memories of going home with Melanie to the farm and, me being a city girl, doing some new chores such as gathering eggs, milking a cow, picking stones, feeding the pigs, it was fun.  And the stories we would get at lunch time from her of her experiences at the Vet College were always interesting.  I remember your wedding Keith, and Mel looked so beautiful.  We have kept in touch for over 30 years and I will miss her dearly, she was such a wonderful, loving person whom I was so grateful to have in my life.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and that she was loved so dearly.  My heart is broken, but I will always keep memories of her close to my heart.

From: Bill and Jennifer D’Angelid
Sending our deepest sympathy’s to Keith,  Julia and Paul.  Melanie was so very special to us. We are grateful to have had her for a friend and veterinarian and all the wonderful memories will be with us always.

From: Brenda Stewart and David Brown
Keith, Julia and Paul, our deepest condolences on your loss. We will always remember Mel's generosity and kindness in dealing with our dog's scrapes and illnesses.  She was so thoughtful, every visit, she always asked about our kids and how they were doing, and proudly shared what Julia and Paul were up to. She was such a devoted Mom and so proud of their accomplishments!  Liz, Willie and Rebecca also send their sympathies to the family, and especially to Julia, who they went  through JDSS with. She was truly a special lady who left this world far too early. May she be at peace now.


From: Shirley Becker
My deepest sympathy

From: Gail Harris
My deepest condolences to all the family and Eileen. Melanie was a special lady. Helped my fur babies Moka & Titan. Her passion & kindness will never be forgotten. God Bless RIP Mela ie 🙏❤🐾


From: Jim Diebel
Growing up as Melanie's neighbour she was a quiet kind and gentle lady!!   Her passing is truly a huge loss.   My thoughts and prayers are with Keith and their children.   This world could benefit from many more Melanie's!!!!


From: Rhonda and Jeff Berry
Keith, Julia and Paul--we are so very sorry to hear about Melanie's illness and death. We always enjoyed spending time with her at the various Grey/Bruce veterinary functions, and at her practice. Please know that we are thinking of you at this time, and know how proud she was of all of you. Please take care.


From: Shirley McCulloch
So very sorry to read of Melanie’s passing. She was a super vet and cared for many of my animals both large and small over the years. Deepest condolences to her family. She will be missed and remembered fondly.


From: Sheri Lyn Hamilton Caron
I am so very sorry for your loss.  Its been years however, I will never forget her kindness. My thoughts are with you all.


From: Narda Elvidge
Melanie - I’m sending you prayers on your journey home. Keith & Family - my deepest condolences on your loss.


From: Sasha Fisher
Life is about learning many lessons, meeting many people, creating and cherishing many memories, and sharing tons of love to everyone, especially family and friends.  Melanie did all this.  She helped our close companions to live on, she gave them the help they needed to continue to enjoy their life.  She gave their families the support they needed through those difficult times too.

And as the saying goes, "what goes around comes around" - this couldn't be more true.  Melanie and her fighting spirit and witt were supported by all that she had supported in the past and so many more.

Melanie is such a strong women.  May her spirit live on forever with all the blissful memories and stories she shared and was a part of.


From: Ron & Dahl Clarridge
We were so very sorry to read of Melanie’s passing. She was a very special lady & will be very much missed by her church family. She was so very excellent in her handling of the youth in our congregation. Our youth were very blessed to have her in their midst. Our sincere condolences to Keith & their children & family.

From: Jenn Morga
So sorry to hear of Melanie's passing. My kids also went to St Peter and St Paul’s and we knew Melanie from the school. May she Rest In Peace


From: Deann Rush Deacon
My condolences to the family.


From: Diane Wright and Family
Deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers sent from us. She will be missed by many. We couldn’t have asked for a better Veterinarian. RIP Dr. Grein you are gone but not forgotten.


From: Pat and Patrick Hamilton

Sending our thoughts and prayers to Keith, Julia, Paul and her extended family. May Melanie rest in God's peace.️

From: Sue and Eric Ferguson
We are so sorry to hear of Melanie's passing.  She was our vet for several years and many beloved pets.  We are at peace that you have passed from the bondage of illness.  Be at peace and serenity....prayers for you and family.

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